Thursday, 14 August 2014

Choose your rear tires like a PRO !

Back in MAY I touched on finding traction and in the post I covered mainly the front tires.

Well guys just to touch on the rear tires.

You hear us talking about degrees, parada, radial, compound and many terms and you must be thinking what the hell and what should I buy. The grooves on the tires, there is no water on the track does the groove matter?

Anyway here goes:

1. Degree

The lower the number the softer the tires therefore 5* is softer than 6* and therefore technically you should have more grip when you use a lower degree tires. However I feel that the car gets a little sluggish in the rear when the tires are too soft. If there is no need to DO NOT USE the softest tires because: IT WEARS FASTER and IT CAUSE THE CAR TO BE SLUGGISH.

On a typical well maintained RCP track the PN Racing 6* should provide you with more than sufficient rear grip.

2. Grooves

I would recommend you to try BOTH. The parada and the radial. The differences, both the tires are of the same compound and same hardness (6*) so what's the difference. Well the radial tires have the same groove throughout and therefore provide you with the same traction same feel even during cornering. I would say good tires for smooth drivers.

However if you look at the parada closely the grooves are not the same. There is 2 lines at the outer area of the tires. At this moment you must be thinking. YOU ARE CRAZY does it make a difference.

Yes it does, the outer surface of the tires because of the design is softer where else towards the middle and the insides it's the same hardness. So what?

Having a softer "outside" actually gives you better side grip while cornering and doing sudden direction change. And if ask yourself when do upset the car or when does the car lose traction? Will it lose traction on the straights? If it does your car needs to be looked at (Back to Pit). The car usually lose traction when you corner HARD or make sudden direction change to avoid collision. The parada tires does help with the softer outsides to give you that extra side bite.

Enough said, try it !

RRR06 - PN Racing Mini Z RCP Radial Rear 6 (Degree)
RR1106 - PN Racing Mini Z Parada Rear Tire 6 (Degree)