Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Its time again of the year for one of the biggest mini-z race in S.E.A. Indonesia Open 2014.

This year the race will be held in a shopping mall in Surabaya. I am very excited about this upcoming race as PN team drivers will be there for the race as well as Team drivers from Atomic RC.

More info on the race can be found here:


Race dates as follows: Sept 18 - 19 Open Practise / Sept 20 - 21 Qualifying + Mains

The Singapore team heading up for the race will be as follows :

Dave Tang
Keith Lin
Fred Chia
Mark Loo
Kar Wee

Mini - Z legend Alvin Lim will not be joining the race as it clashes with the IPHONE launch on 19th Sept 2014 in Singapore.

I hope to provide some live coverage if I am able to get on the network there.

Good luck guys.

Next article will be some tips on race preparation.