Tuesday, 14 October 2014


The spectrum board for the Mini-Z has been out for a couple of months for now and we are starting to see it gain popularity. I have been asked so many times. Is spektrum better than the ASF?
Is it faster? Is it more responsive? 

In my honest opinion, I wouldn't say which is better but I can share the advantages.

1. Braking - the spectrum works on a different channel for brakes and reverse where else the ASF doesn't. You are able to set a much milder braking force and not sacrifice your reverse speed.

2. Power - oh yes, the spektrum board is indeed punchy because the original board comes factory fitted with double layers of the PN FETS. And these fets have one of the lowest resistances and yet able to handle 8 AMPS of power draw. The stock fets on the ASF doesn't give you that much of power. But of cos you can swap out the stock fets on the ASF boards with some PN FETS to give you more power

3. Ports - the additional ports on the board powers the transponders leaving the I.C.S port free. No more plugging and unplugging your transponder just to do I.C.S programming.

4. Software - the PN software for ICS programming is a lot simpler than the Kyosho ones. And I bet you. You will definitely be playing with the software a lot more. The ASF version is so complicated and it seems like I need to carry a bible just to do some settings. And that is one of the main reason ASF I.C.S software is never popular. At times software settings on the car is a lot faster than hardware settings during races.

5. On Board Processor - the spectrum board has 2 ICs on board for data processing. One for the steering and the other for speed. Where else ASF uses 1 IC to do both the processing. I feel individual processing is definitely better than shared processing. 

Lastly I feel that the  Prefect Combo = Spektrum + PN ICS Blue tooth adaptor + Android phone. Thats all you need for most of the races. Simple, Lightweight and the phone is always in the pocket. 
Plenty of setting options.

You decide :) 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

"Race Shell"

Well it seems that I have gone last and refuse to type. Enjoy guys:)

Sunday, 5 October 2014


I have covered parts for the car, different stages you can consider. I have also covered setting tips and also tire choices.

Well I would like to share some information on "race shells". You must be wondering. Kyosho makes fantastic nice shells. Why are these guys running on shells that looks UGLY.

We run shells that look ugly and call them "race shells" because

1. You can choose your own colour scheme and I bet you this is important in a race because that sets you apart from the rest of the racers. People see and they recognise your shell not you.You won't want to run a shell that's off shelf because there might many others running the same shell as you.

2. "Race Shells" are typically a lot lighter than the stock ones as we do not apply a heavy coat of paint on it for one. We change out the windows to a lexan window so that it's a lot lighter. We also make openings on the shell for better down force.

3. Shell height can also be custom as you glue on the side clips. Most of our race cars are typically set up to be really low and therefore the stock shells tends to scrap the track.

There are also a couple of shells that is highly recommended for race due to the design, the handing or the rigidity.

I would highly recommended using either the Audi R8, Ferrari 458 or the Ferrari 599. I personally tested all those shells and I find them highly competitive.

In the next article I will be showing you step by step on how to prepare a race shell.