Sunday, 29 June 2014

Mini-Z Noobs

We all start somewhere, many people wants to get into a hobby and have tons of questions. They start googling "mini - z" and gather information that's top hit in the list. There are just tons of information and so many different school of thoughts, best of all there are so many brand manufacturer. There is Atomic, 3Racing, KM Racing, X-Power RC, R246, Kyosho, TRP, Reflex Racing and there could be more.

Most people alway start by buying parts that's cheap and easily available on Ebay or forums. Some would buy parts that's on big discount on web stores.

Ask yourself some questions, what is it you looking for?
When you start this hobby what do you have in mind?
Are you just trying to swap out the plastic parts with some aluminium parts?
Will you be racing? Is performance important? Are replacement parts necessary?
What about resale value? What about precision?

To keep things simple, I have been down this route. I started as a noob. I bought hell a lot of parts and you won't even imagine how many brands and how much money I have spent. End of this 4 years journey I concluded - PN RACING Parts is the only way to go. Why?

1. The brand says it (High Performance Option Parts)
2. Parts are designed by pro racers, people that actually race and win
3. RnD, prototype testing are carried out months before the parts are available for sale
4. 100% Mini-Z focus, PN makes only Mini-Z parts
5. Parts are readily available and comes in 3 different colours, Orange, Blue and Silver (Everyone has a favourite colour) :) - I love the silver though
6. PN makes the complete option parts for the entire Mini-Z from the front ends to the suspensions to the rear, to the motor, to basically every damm thing.
7. Individual replacement parts are also available and should you break or lose some of the parts you wouldn't need to buy the entire whole assembly. You can buy just the lose parts.
8. Last but not least products are high quality, precise and race proven

Stop wasting your money. Stop wasting your time. Let's Start Racing.

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