Monday, 28 July 2014

Pro Kit Stage 2 (Last Part) Explained

Alright guys,

This is the final part on the pro kit explained. In this last section we are touching on :

1. T Plates

This is found on the bottom of the chassis and the T-plate basically controls your roll. (Left and Right movement of the car)

There are a couple of different hardness available

MR3012S - Number 2
MR3001S - Number 3
MR3002S - Number 4
MR3003S - Number 5
MR3004S - Number 6

So what are all this numbers and what do they do? The bigger the numbers the stiffer the plates and therefore less roll action. Of cos if the pockets allowed you can purchase the entire whole range for testing but in our experience we normal run the Number 4 or 5.

The rest is a little too hard or too soft. But again, that depends on the track condition.

2. Rear axel height adjustment.

When you remove your diff, take a close look at the black plastic piece that holds the bearing. There is a number on it and either 1 or 2 that you are using. Do remember, use the same number on both side else you will realise that your car tweaks on one side. Both the holders provides 2 different ride heights and I would take reference from the fronts and the tires to match the rear. The concept here is very simple, this adjustment basically sets the rear ride height to match the front so that you will have even ride height.

That's all for now guys. Pro Kit explained. No more guessing work. Hit the tracks.

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