Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Pro Kit Stage 2 (Part 1) Explained

Hi Pro Kit Owners,

I hope you guys have fun tweaking the front section of the car and I hope by now you have found a sweet spot or a nice setting for the fronts.

Today I am going to touch on part 1 of Stage 2 upgrade. Stage 2 upgrade consist of a couple of key components and therefore I feel that there is a need to break the explanation to 2 parts.

In part 1, I am going to touch on the centre shock as well as the DPS.

1 & 2. Center Shock

Well there are a couple of centre shocks available in the market and the most common ones that you see would be the "yellow" kyosho shock. I personally don't like that option part as the damping rely on the oil and the springs. When I ran that shock a couple of years back there was quite abit of guessing work. Springs you use on the shock affects the response. The oil you use affects it as well.
When the oil level drops it changes again. And worst the spring and the oil both contributes to bounce and the oil alone contributes to the re bounce. It's like rock science.

I strongly recommend the PN Racing piece. Simple, maintenance free and very simple to understand.

Springs in the front (1) determines your re bounce and the Springs in the rear (2) determines your bounce. Just a little tip, load the springs with slight compression. Never compress the springs too much. I use green for the front and white for the rear.

3. Damper system

This part prevents the car from hopping too much and at the same time contributes to the on throttle response and off throttle response. By having a harder spring at the bottom gives you more on throttle steering where else a softer spring gives you more off throttle steering. Make sure to take close look at the damper system and try to make sure that both the top and bottom springs are equal.

I am a off throttle person and therefore, I prefer Blue (hard) springs on the top and Green (Soft) springs and the bottom.

That's all for today's tech tips.

See you soon. Happy racing.......

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