Sunday, 16 September 2018

MODDING THE PNR ESC (Secrets Unveiled)

The chassis is ready, the servo assembly is ready and now let's get to the ESC.

There are so many ways to prep the ESC for the chassis and of cos you could just plug and play, do nothing and fit the ESC into the chassis but this is my personal preference, it looks tidy and good plus it is definitely fail save for race. You will see why ............

On the back of the ESC you will see a lot of cables, well end up I will de solder all the cables re solder them back a different way.

Lets start with the ON/OFF switch. For years all my race cars are DE SWITCHED. The reason is simple, I want to minimise any chances of failure and the ON/OFF switch might fail. Also do you really need a ON/OFF switch :p your choice.

Desolder the ON/OFF switch and just use a bit of Solder lead to short both the ON & OFF together.

Next, flip the board around and place bit solder across the last to legs on the BIG component below the button. Basically by doing so you are by-passing the BEC and allow all the power to go the board without restriction. *DO THIS ONLY IF YOU ARE RUNNING NIMH BATTERIES*

Next, remove all the cables on the reverse side. There are a couple things I am doing here so pay abit of attention.

- First, I am taking the opportunity to shorten the signal cable
- Secondly I am modding the CAPacitor so that I can get rid of long unwanted cable.

For the capacitor mod, use a tweezer and lightly pull off the heat string, you will expose the cables and you will then be able to de solder cables.

There you go- de soldered

After that you, solder the capacitor back on to the board with the cables : )

There you go.... all done. Hope its not too difficult.

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