Sunday, 16 September 2018

Putting everything Together PNR2.5 + PN Brushless ESC - Sweetness

Well I have covered most the individual parts in the past post and now its time to put everything together and you will definitely understand why all the cutting, soldering and modding is needed.

1. You will first need to solder the bridge cable for the negative and the positive terminal. I prefer to do it this way as it is neater.

2. Next sit in the servo assembly this manner, without the switch I can hide the servo board in the switch area of the chassis.

3. Put a bit of hot glue to hold the servo board in place so that it will not move around causing tension to the wires.

4. Fit on the servo motor cover.

5. Heat shrink the PN ESC, flip it around and put a huge piece of double sided tap on the back.

6. Stick it onto the chassis. Here you can see that the CAPacitor actually sits nicely in the space where we shaved off the servo motor cover.

7. Heat shrink your receiver, flip it around and also put a huge piece of double sided tape on the reverse side.

8. Put on the front cover of the chassis and then place the receiver in this manner.
Take note of how the wires are being routed.

9. Fit on the top cover, you will realise that there is enough space for the cables as you previously shaved off part of the top deck.

Shorten the positive and negative power cable from the ESC and solder them on the chassis and you are all GOOD to go.

Happy modding GUYS :)

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