Sunday, 16 September 2018

Servo Assembly For PNR 2.5

In the earlier post, I shared about how to prep the PNR chassis for the PN Brushless Board. Well in this tutorial let get down to the electronics and in this post we will talk about the servo assembly.

1. Servo Electronic Assembly

There are a couple of stuff you will need for the servo assembly and here are SKUs.

- 500804 PN Racing Micro Servo Board
- 500136 PN Racing Servo VR
- MZ408-2 Kyosho Servo Motor
- MZ408-1 Kyosho Servo Motor Pinion

I would recommend to start soldering the cables to to the servo board first

Follow by soldering on the servo motor as it is on the side of the board.

Next you will need to solder the cables on the VR.

Lastly the VR on to the SERVO board.

Alright, seems like the soldering is all done now lets get to the servo assembly portion.
You will again need some parts for it and the SKUs as follows:

- MZ402 Kyosho Chassis Small Part Set
- MZ405 Kyohso Servo Saver
- MZ404 Kyosho Servo Gear Set

When you put the parts together the assembled servo assembly will look like that.

There you go the servo electronics parts and the servo assembly is all done :)

While you are at this stage you are building the servo you might want to consider to soup it up alittle by changing some of these goodies from PN Racing.

MR3090 - PN Racing Delrin Servo Gears
MR3056B - PN racing Brass 4th Servo Gear

Links as follows:

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