Tuesday, 13 May 2014

PN Racing Pro Kit V1

After going through all 3 stages, here we are the final product. A PN PRO KIT.

We as racers alway want the best chassis, the best parts and the best setup for our ride. And I have spent years looking for one myself. At a scale of 1/27 small little mismatch parts makes the entire car haywire.

You must be thinking? Why are all the parts PN Racing?

There are many manufactures that makes parts but I would say PN Racing makes one of the best parts for the mini z. Why do I say that?

- Precision for the parts are there with very little tolerance (play)
- R&D involved, all the parts goes through months of design, planning and testing before they are available on the market.
- Replacement parts for each individual components are available for sale. Should you break or damage any of the parts you can always just purchase spares instead of buying the entire set.

All parts come in 3 fabulous colours - Orange, Silver and Blue.

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