Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Stage 1 Upgrade

I am thinking to start this hobby / I have bought the a chassis set. The stock chassis looks plasticky can it run? I need to get some parts for it and I bet these are the common questions that you think of...

- What are the basic parts I should get and how much does it cost? I don't want to burn a hole in my pocket
- What does this basic parts do? Is it a need?
-  What happens next after I buy the basic parts?
- There are so many advise given by others who should I follow?

Well, I came through this process and here is what I would recommend. For a basic Stage 1 upgrade you should be looking at 3 items:

1. Ball Bearings - the stock kit comes with plastic bushing. Some bushing are pretty tight causing the wheels not to spin freely. Some bushing are so loose that the wheels wobble. The bearing upgrade solves all of the above. It allows your wheels to rotate freely thus giving you better battery life and a smoother ride.

2. A set of front springs - the "black" stock springs that comes with the car is hard as stone. Sometimes I wonder even if it  gives you any suspension. Think of it, a car without suspension. Will it work? I don't think so. A set of front springs gives you tuning option to harden or soften the fronts. Well IT GIVES YOUR CAR FRONT SUSPENSION.

3. A set of T-Plates - On the opposite the "STOCK" T Plate provided in the kit is made of plastic and it is so damm soft. A car with a hard  front suspension  plus a super soft rear suspension. A prefect combi for a shitty ride.  A set of  soft. medium and hard T-Plates  gives you tuning option for the rear. Providing you with REAR SUSPENSION.

So whats the damage?

600129 PN Racing Mini-Z 2WD Shield Hub Dry Ball Bearing Set (7PCS) - $9.95 USD

MR3010 PN Racing Mini- Z MR03 Front Suspension Spring Set (5 Pairs) - $6.99 USD

MR3001S MR3002S MR3003S PN Racing Mini- Z MR03 MM Silver Carbon T-plate #3, #4, #5 -$16.98 USD

A total of $33.92 USD

Ask your local hobby shop for a bundle price. I am sure they will be pleased to give you a discount.

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