Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Stage 2 Upgrade

I have done my stage 1 upgrade and I have been racing for a while now. What comes to your mind next? LOL

"I WANT TO GO FASTER." Yeah and most of the time everyone goes through the same process. So time to spend some money. Here is my guide to Stage 2 Upgrade and it will cost you some money.

1. PN50T Bushing Motor - I would strongly recommend this motor as the first upgrade as the stock motor motor from the Kit is somewhat about 80T so moving from a 80T to a 50T is a good increase in speed. The upgrade motor from Kyosho is the X-speed and it is running somewhere around 48T but I feel the motor is slightly over priced and it does not give sufficient torque.

2. Damper System + Centre Shock - With a increase in speed the stock parts on the chassis can no longer provide you with sufficient damping. The DPS + Dual Centre Shock will help you to eliminate this problem providing good damping and shock absorption.

3. 98MM LCG Motor Pod - Well the name said it. LCG. For the benefit of the Noobs, Low centre Gravity. The motor pod provides not only LOWER Centre Gravity for additional stability, it's open concept full aluminium design is light weight, helps to dissipates heat and provides micro fine tuning for superb gear mashing. The stock plastic motor pod holds the motor in a tilted manner, uses plastic spacer for gear spacing and fantastic "keep warm design". Very good chance your upgraded overheats in there.

4. 64 Pitch Ball Differential - A lot of times, people ask do I really need a ball diff? Won't the stock diff do its job. Then the question is do you know what was provided and what does the differential do? What was provided is a 48 Pitch Gear Differential. The stock gear diff works in a way that the drive is lost to the spinning wheel until the car slows and traction is regained. Where else a ball diff still allows drive to both wheel and it can keeps the power going to the wheel with grip.
Further more 48 pitch is a little dated. Till you tried the 64 Pitch, sweet, smoothness and much more ratio to play with. I drive the 126 Pitch myself. :)

Enough said, whats's the damage?

113250 PN Racing Mini- Z PNWC Bushing Motor 50T - $9.99 USD
MR2060 PN Racing Mini- Z Multi Length Disk Damper Set - $19.88 USD
MR2161 PN Racing Mini-Z Dual Spring Centre Shock Set - $11.88 USD
MR2289 PN Racing Mini-Z 98-108MM LCG Motor Mount - $39.88 USD
MR2049 PN Racing V2 Light Weight 64P Ceramic Ball Diff Set - $36.88 USD

Total $118.51 USD

Time Needed - Approximate 30mins

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