Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Stage 3 Upgrade

All good things have to come an end. We are here for the FINAL stage upgrade. Yes you heard it correctly FINAL stage.

In this stage we are looking at having the fronts souped up simply because we want a complete modded car. Yes and No, well here is my recommendation YOU DECIDE !

1. Aluminium Tower Bar - This part replaces the stock plastic parts that holds the arms. You will need to cut off the original plastic parts to fit this. Aluminium is light weight yet providing strength and durability to the JOINT that holds your front suspension arms . Precision made to minimise any slops in between the arm joints. Screw holds that hold the arms are metal therefore you will not ever have to worry about over tightening and stripping the plastics.

2. Aluminium Caster Upper Arms - Replaces the original plastic arms. Take a close look at the original plastic arms, compress the suspension a little and look closely. Not only the springs move, the arms flexes as well. So the next time someone tells you to use a YELLOW spring you may have to discount that a little as your stock arms contributes to additional "SOFTNESS". The Aluminium ones recommended provides consistence, durability as well as castor functions. Placing the provide shims in various position gives you 0.9/1.8 castor. Trust me you will need castor.

3. Aluminium Low Down Knuckles - These knuckles is a MUST HAVE. lowers your front ride. The delrin insert provides superb smooth sliding movement and theses knuckles are so durable they sure take a lot of beating. The stock knuckles breaks at the tie rod joints with just a slide impact, you won't want this to happen during a race.  Sliding movement is definitely not smooth and therefore it does effect the suspension. And worst, the ride height these stock knuckles provides makes the car look like a LORRY.

4. Pro Front Lower Arm Set - This kit includes a couple of very nice feature and functionality. Firstly lets look at the stock plastic piece. Flexes a lot, at times the left ride height and the right ride height is not even balance. Try switching a tie rod, be prepared for a 15 mins job taking everything apart just to change a tie rod. Lastly the king pins POPs out at time during heavy races. Well this kit solves all the above problems. Aluminium bottom fronts bolts to the main chassis ensuring you a prefect left and right ride height. Bundled with  separated carbon piece allows you to remove and change your tie rods on the fly. Specially tailored king pins are provided, held in place by metal c-clips. There is no way the king pins are popping in any harsh racing environments. And of best of all, engineered in way that allows you to do a reverse king pin install that provides 30-40% more smoothness to your front suspension. Worth it? YES every single bucks.

5. Aluminium Front Spring Holder - What is this? A blink part? Nope. The stock plastic spring holder is not even a spring holder. I call it a spring stand not a holder. The nipples on the plastic piece is so small it hardly does it job keeping the springs in the correct position. This aluminium piece as "HUGE" nipples. Yes HUGE, it keeps the the spring in place and there isn't a single time the springs pop out in races. You can even purchase shims to be inserted for micro tension tuning.

6. Aluminium Shims - Small little colourful pieces. Precision made to exact thickness. Come in 2 various thickness to allow fine tuning of front ride height. Do yourself a favour throw those stock plastic ones away. I never believe plastic moulding for such small pieces can be consistent. Some pieces are thicker while some have excessive plastic left causing binding if placed above the knuckles .

Enough said, this last stage upgrade seems to be lengthy. So is this looks or performance based?  You tell me.


MR3051 PN Racing Aluminium Tower Bar Wide - $13.88 USD
MR3033 PN Racing Mini- Z Aluminium Caster Upper Arm - $28.88 USD
MR3032 PN Racing Mini- Z Aluminium Low Down Knuckle - $18.88 USD
MR3052 PN Racing MR03 Pro Front Lower Arm Set - $26.88 USD
MR3011W PN Racing Mini- Z Front Spring Holder - $7.99 USD
700409 PN Racing Mini- Z Color Shim For King Pin - $4.68 USD

Total $101.19 USD

Time needed - Approximate 20mins

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