Thursday, 15 May 2014

Race Batts

Fuels for your race machines. The mini-z runs off 4 x AAA batteries for those that doesn't know.
There are a lot of battery manufactures out there and over the years I have went through a couple myself.

Just so that you know, here are the list of batteries I went through myself and some simple rating for them. The higher the numbers the better they are.

1.   Orion 1100RT -  Run time - 8 , Punch level - 5, Consistence - 7
2.   Orion 990HV -   Run time - 7 , Punch level - 7, Consistence - 6
3.   Orion 750SHO - Run time - 6 , Punch level - 8, Consistence - 5
4.   TRP RP1000 -    Run time - 8 , Punch level - 5, Consistence - 7
5.   TRP RP900 -      Run time - 7 , Punch level - 6, Consistence - 7
6.   TRP RP747 -      Run time - 6 , Punch level - 8, Consistence - 7
8.   Atomic VP800 - Run time - 6 , Punch level - 6, Consistence - 6
9.   R1Wurks 750 -   Run time - 7 , Punch level - 8, Consistence - 7
10. R1Wurks 990 -   Run time - 8 , Punch level - 7, Consistence - 9

End of the battery journey ($$$) I am pretty much stuck with the R1Wurks 990s. These cells provide consistence throughout 8 - 10 minutes of racing. For the rest somewhat your will feel a drop of power and the car just feels so different from the start till the end. I really need to adapt to like multiple changes to the power band of car.

The R1s are not too costly and they are readily available. Quality of the cells are does not vary much  from different batches and they are work horses. Series charging, Step Charging, High Amp Charging (1.5AMPS). The cells do take a lot of beatings. Of course the hobby shops won't want these on their shelf for one simple reason, how the heck do I make money when the cells are so durable. I would want to sell some shitty stuff that doesn't last so that I get repeated sales.

Anyway, I usually keep 24 sets of batteries for my races. 12 sets for 2 classes and the other 12 for practice before the race. Race batts are only used for races and please do not charged twice in a row.

Recommended charges for charging are individual cells ones, Both Maha and SkyRC makes them. These two are pretty good. However I do have a series charging tray and a series charger with me for race day charging . These pro chargers i.e LRP, Muchmore , Orions do really pack more punch into the cells due to their own charging algorithm. But bear in mind series charging is good for performance but they do wear your cells down pretty quickly.

Some simple tips for battery charging before races.

- Discharge your batteries the night before the race using a individual cell charger or a PN Racing Discharger.
- Charge up your cells before the race using a series charging charger  at 1AMP and right before your heats pump up to 1.2AMP for slightly more punch.

That's all for now. HAPPY RACING ....................

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